Christmas Dessert Recipes I Want to Try

So this year Vix and I volunteered to make dessert for the Loves (yes, Tom’s family surname is Love), so I’ve been busily browsing the web to find something easy and super delicious to wow them with. Not being the best of bakers nor even a particularly enthusiastic one, I want to find a simple recipe that appears more impressive than it is.

Pinterest is always my first port of call (I admit to being a walking cliche), so here’s a selection of some of my favourite recipes I’ve found thus far. We’re leaning towards the Nigella nutella cheesecake one, but I’ll let you know what we decide to go with in the end. I don’t own a proper mixing bowl, whisk or anything else really – last time, Vix and I made cheesecake in the salad bowl – so the emphasis is really on finding a pud that requires minimal baking experience.


I love these stained glass cookies courtesy of the one and only Jamie Oliver – they’d make good homemade gifts but not a great main dessert.


These look so flipping cute I might make them regardless of whether or not I serve them to the Loves. Also, mince pies are the best.


Jamie just gets it. Chocolate = delicious, and this yuletide log is very pretty. It also looks a little bit beyond my capabilities, but maybe Vix will be brave enough to give it a go.


Oh hi there gorgeous gingerbread cake with cinnamon cream! You’ll do nicely.


Granted, the recipe for these gingerbread-filled cinnamon buns is in Dutch (or German?) – but that’s what Google translate is for.


Donna Hay’s rich and oozy chocolate and cherry fondants. ‘Nuff said.


And Nigella’s cheesecake – it’s simple, involves Nutella and looks ah-maz-ing. I think we have a winner! Granted it’s not the most Christmassy, but that’s nothing some additional mince pies won’t fix.

‘Tis the season to be ambitious in the kitchen – cross fingers, toes, thumbs and everything else that whatever we decide to bake doesn’t flop! I guess there’s always Woollies if worst comes to worst.



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