DIY Dinosaur Photo Holders

You’ve probably gathered by now that I’m in full-on decorating mode – my life currently revolves around furniture and pretty prints, and I’m loving it! I’d been wondering how to display a few of my Nifty250 polaroids in a slightly weird but nifty way, when I came across some plastic farm animals at Orms, which they’d spray-painted, cut, […]

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Selfi & Margot Molyneux

I’ve just moved house in order to spend less on rent. My initial intention was to be a good grown-up and invest the extra money in an RA account (I’m almost thirty now guys, one has to look ahead)… but then I saw the new Selfi and Margot Molyneux collections and now my new life aspiration […]

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Open Streets in Bree

Tom and I ventured forth to Open Streets this Sunday, despite the suffocating heat and my rather nasty stomach bug! It was worth the walk – it’s always lovely to see the city in full festive mode, with hipsters, glam grannies, pram parades, skater kids and tricked-out tots out in force. I love the idea […]

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2016 Goal #1: Draw More

Having declared my resolution to draw more in 2016, my loving family and friends kindly equipped me with multiple sketchbooks and all the drawing tools I need to no longer have an excuse to be lazy! For Christmas, I received two colouring books, drawing pencils, Sharpies (swoon), fineliners, three sketchbooks, and some pencil crayons (granted, these […]

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