Bread and Wine Time

For Christmas last year, my parents gave me a voucher for a bread making course at Bread & Wine at Moreson Estate – which was one of the best gifts ever, especially as they joined me! We had the most delicious day in the summer sunshine and the course was one of the loveliest things I’ve done in Cape Town. It’s basically a foodie’s dream – you spend all morning and afternoon either making scrumptious things or eating them. It’s lighthearted and fun, no one really knows what they’re doing except the pros and flour gets everywhere. All the ingredients are measured out for you and the starter cultures are already prepped so you basically bring everything together and engage in some serious kneading (it’s pretty good exercise), until the lovely ladies in charge take pity on you and help you achieve a perfect ball of dough in five seconds flat (slightly annoying after you’ve been kneading it vigorously for 20 min to no avail). We started by making a rosemary focaccia, then, while that was rising, prepped our gorgeous rye sourdough. We made another focaccia, which folded over a filling of feta, fresh herb pesto and sundried tomatoes, which was followed by a demonstration of how a ciabatta is made (the starter culture has such a strange texture – it’s like wobbly jelly made of cloud). An interlude of indulgence included a delightful tasting of the Miss Molly range, then the three course lunch was served under the trees – we munched on some of our homemade rosemary focaccia and a platter of Neil’s artisanal, home-cured meats, followed by a summer risotto. It was absolute perfection. Dessert was a box of homemade sweets, which we took home along with three massive boxes of our bread and a sourdough starter culture (which Tom and I are still using five months later). It was such a special day – let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than bread.

Bread and Wine at MoresonBread and Wine at MoresonBread and Wine at MoresonBread and Wine at MoresonBread and Wine at MoresonBread and Wine at Moreson




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