DIY Dinosaur Photo Holders

You’ve probably gathered by now that I’m in full-on decorating mode – my life currently revolves around furniture and pretty prints, and I’m loving it! I’d been wondering how to display a few of my Nifty250 polaroids in a slightly weird but nifty way, when I came across some plastic farm animals at Orms, which they’d spray-painted, cut, […]

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Tom has furniture

After a busy busy weekend of shopping, Thomas now owns a bookshelf, couch, rug, antique plant holder (called a whatnot), and dining table and chairs. Yay! The lounge is coming together beautifully, although it still needs a few odds and ends, including throws for the couches and some scatter cushions. We got the green couch […]

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My desk makes me happy

I realise this is not the most scintillating post I’ve ever written, but my desk at home is looking so pretty, I decided I needed to share some pictures of it. Normally I’m a magnet for clutter the way a five year-old attracts glitter, but I’ve tried very hard to embrace a more minimalist look for […]

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