Hermanus Happiness

We had the loveliest weekend away in Hermanus with special friends, lots of wine, sneaky board games and some whale spotting. Saturday was spent hunting for coffee at the village market before sipping in the sunshine at Hamilton Russell (new favourite – the wines are exceptional and it’s my kind of whimsical, romantic setting), followed […]

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Bread and Wine Time

For Christmas last year, my parents gave me a voucher for a bread making course at Bread & Wine at Moreson Estate – which was one of the best gifts ever, especially as they joined me! We had the most delicious day in the summer sunshine and the course was one of the loveliest things […]

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Let’s Make Carrot Cake

A little while ago I had a craving for something sweet so I decided to rope my lovely mama into baking a carrot cake with me. Neither of us are particularly conventional bakers, namely because we get impatient and couldn’t be bothered to measure out ingredients most of the time… which could explain our record of […]

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Jamie Oliver’s Lasagne

I get to host the lovely ladies from book club (yes I’m so grown up) this month, so I decided to go all out and make a lasagne I’ve been eyeing for ages in Jamie Oliver’s Comfort Food. Never being one to shy away from a battle, I didn’t let the length of the recipe deter me […]

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Wacky Wacky Eh Eh…

I’ve briefly flitted into Robertson for the Wacky Wine festival before, back in the day when my little brother was trying to earn some extra cash by selling vino to intoxicated women dressed as pirates (a story for another day), but I’ve never actually done the experience properly. Thus, I was quite excited when our […]

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The colours of Babel

In the bible, the Lord stops his people from building a tower that reaches the heavens by dividing them through language and scattering them across the earth. This has little to do with the minimalist beauty of Babel at Babylonstoren, unless you speak the parlance of the palate. Babel’s cuisine is a symphony of flavours […]

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