Tom has furniture

After a busy busy weekend of shopping, Thomas now owns a bookshelf, couch, rug, antique plant holder (called a whatnot), and dining table and chairs. Yay! The lounge is coming together beautifully, although it still needs a few odds and ends, including throws for the couches and some scatter cushions. We got the green couch […]

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Antique Furniture Browsing

Tom needs new furniture, and, after a few glasses of wine last night he asked me to go and find him some and gave me rather a sizeable budget to do so! Obviously I jumped at the invitation, messaged Vix immediately and asked her to meet me at Appel n Ui today for some lunch-break browsing. […]

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Jamie Oliver’s Lasagne

I get to host the lovely ladies from book club (yes I’m so grown up) this month, so I decided to go all out and make a lasagne I’ve been eyeing for ages in Jamie Oliver’s Comfort Food. Never being one to shy away from a battle, I didn’t let the length of the recipe deter me […]

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Happy in Hermanus

This weekend was a lovely one spent with friends in the pretty town of Hermanus. Guy and Damian both turned 30 recently so we decided to celebrate in style, and Claire found us a gorgeous Airbnb mansion to stay in with a Jacuzzi and amazing mountain views (hence the house’s name: Amazing Views Holiday Home). […]

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Books, books, more books

If you’re me and you’re stuck in bed for a month, you read. A lot. I actually cannot even remember all the books I’ve consumed in the last four weeks, but here are a few of the highlights: A Little Life: Hanya Yanagihara: This book is absolutely harrowing. It takes a lot for a book […]

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Bye bye appendix

I’ve been very quiet lately, mostly because I’ve been bed-bound, first with appendicitis and then with some seriously sniffly flu. I woke up on Tuesday, 14 June with a stabbing pain in my stomach. My parents rushed me to hospital and my appendix came out that eve, followed by two nights in hospital, which wasn’t […]

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Wacky Wacky Eh Eh…

I’ve briefly flitted into Robertson for the Wacky Wine festival before, back in the day when my little brother was trying to earn some extra cash by selling vino to intoxicated women dressed as pirates (a story for another day), but I’ve never actually done the experience properly. Thus, I was quite excited when our […]

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