DIY Dinosaur Photo Holders

You’ve probably gathered by now that I’m in full-on decorating mode – my life currently revolves around furniture and pretty prints, and I’m loving it!

I’d been wondering how to display a few of my Nifty250 polaroids in a slightly weird but nifty way, when I came across some plastic farm animals at Orms, which they’d spray-painted, cut, and stuck photos into. My immediate thought was: why can’t I do that with dinosaurs? We inherited a few, which were lying around the house looking a bit sad, so I decided to give them some fresh paint and a new lease on life.

So here’s a super-easy tutorial on how to make your own picture holding dinos:

  1. You need a saw, and, if like me, you’re not trusted to operate said saw, you’ll need someone to wield it on your behalf. Like my dad! Saw a line across the back of the dinosaur, where you want the photograph to be inserted. It must be deep, but obviously you don’t want to cut your critter in two.


2. Set up a spray-painting station. Put old newspaper everywhere and cut a cereal box so that you have a box to spray into to catch excess paint. Put your dino in the box, hold the can at least 10cm away from him and spray evenly to avoid heavy drops of paint collecting. Give all the dinos their first coat then wait for them to dry. Once they’re dry, do the next coat and so forth until the original colour is completely masked by paint and they’re a nice, bright white or whatever other spray-paint colour you choose.


3. Once they’re dry, gently push the photographs into the cuts. You might need to push a blank piece of paper in first just to clean any pesky paint out the incisions. After the pics are in, all that’s left to do is to decide where to put your oh-so-trendy dinosaur frames. I put some of ours on the windowsill and a few on the fireplace.






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