Let’s Make Carrot Cake


A little while ago I had a craving for something sweet so I decided to rope my lovely mama into baking a carrot cake with me. Neither of us are particularly conventional bakers, namely because we get impatient and couldn’t be bothered to measure out ingredients most of the time… which could explain our record of past flops! This time though, we were determined to stick to the script, and the cake came out fairly well, if a little bit dense – largely due to me not being disciplined enough to sift the flour or gently fold in the egg – it all got chucked in the mixer instead.

Here’s the wonderful Nigella’s recipe for carrot cake – it’s not the one we used (which I can’t find online and am obviously too lazy to type out), but it’s pretty much identical (minus the nuts because my dad can’t stand them). You’ll see there are a few steps in the method that involve a careful egg integration process – I suggest following them as my ‘chuck everything in the mixer and cross your fingers’ approach didn’t work that well!


The cream cheese icing is delish – soften the butter first and add a little bit of lemon if you prefer a tarter taste. To decorate, mum and I watched a few Youtube videos on making carrot flowers (we’re cool like that), which were phenomenally complicated. If we’d copied some of them I reckon one of us would have sliced off a finger, so we simplified the process a bit and tried to make the cake look like a little parcel, using carrot strips as ‘ribbon.’ I think it came out quite nicely – rustic but sweet.



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