Tom has furniture

After a busy busy weekend of shopping, Thomas now owns a bookshelf, couch, rug, antique plant holder (called a whatnot), and dining table and chairs. Yay! The lounge is coming together beautifully, although it still needs a few odds and ends, including throws for the couches and some scatter cushions.

We got the green couch from Anouk (Anke is just lovely, and delivered the couch on the same morning we ordered it), the rug from Coricraft (there has to be a token Coricraft purchase and the carpet is gorgeous) and the antique oak bookshelf and Victorian corner stand/ whatnot from the most random little antique shop in Woodstock.


We were wandering along Sir Lowry Road when we ambled past JR  Retstein Furniture, which is a treasure trove of gorgeous, old wooden furnishings. I fell for everything, but my whatnot (I adore its name) in particular, which Tom’s lovely mom is gifting us. It’s got so much charm and character and I love the fact that it’s a bit unusual. I plan to develop very green fingers and cover it in delicious monsters and other leafy specimens. It looks very old and has decorative etchings in the cherry wood. The Victorians used whatnots in the 18th and 19th century as fashionable means of displaying their most valued objects (like the French étagère), so I’m going to have to find some special things to sit on those shelves.  Leonard from JR Retstein is as charming as his store, and also delivered everything on the morning we ordered it. He’s got many a story to tell, so pop in for a visit and a chat.


The dining chairs are coming from Appel ‘n Ui – Teana has been wonderful and extremely helpful as well. She’s delivering my new chairs to us today – they’re rather regal with plush red velvet seats, but I think they’ll match the table beautifully. For the throws, I think we might go to Poetry or At Home (they’ve got some nice sale items at the moment) or good old Woolies because they never let me down. Nigel (Tom’s dad) lent Tom some amazing (and massive) maps that will look incredible on the wall behind the bookshelf, and Tom will probably get some scientific drawings printed as well – like these ones by Haeckel.


All in all, it’s looking great and it’s been a fun thing to do together – except for Makro – NEVER go to Makro over the weekend. We did on Sunday, and it was truly awful with far too many people and super long queues. I got incredibly grumpy – poor Thomas asked me if I was hungry, which obviously didn’t go down well – but he also took me to McDonalds afterwards to make up for it! If anyone has any suggestions re scatter cushions (I own half of Zana’s range already) and throws, let me know.



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