Antique Furniture Browsing

Tom needs new furniture, and, after a few glasses of wine last night he asked me to go and find him some and gave me rather a sizeable budget to do so! Obviously I jumped at the invitation, messaged Vix immediately and asked her to meet me at Appel n Ui today for some lunch-break browsing. Poor Tom has rather little recollection of this today, but he’s being a good sport about it, and says he quite likes the armchairs Vix and I picked out.

I could spend a solid day drifting around vintage shops in a kind of happy Sam coma, but I had limited time so had to pretend to be decisive (not a trait I’m known for). We popped into Appel n Ui and I wanted EVERYTHING. Their stock is just beautiful, and quite well priced in general. I fell in love with a pair of retro green velvet chairs, but Vix talked some sense into me, and we found some lovely blue ones with a higher back that were slightly more suitable.

There were some gorgeous tables and vintage mirrors dotted around as well that were rather tempting, but I stayed strong. I’ve reserved the blue armchairs above – if Tom wants them, I think they’d look absolutely beautiful reupholstered in charcoal, and raised on wooden legs – and luckily Appel can do all that! I also found some pretty whitewashed wooden chairs with red velvet cushions I’m going to get to match my dining room table, so finally we can have the board game nerds round for supper.

We drove to Anouk next, which is also rather lovely. I fell for a retro wooden drinks cabinet which is completely impractical but oh so pretty. Sigh. If I was a multi-millionaire who lived in a velvet dressing gown and drank neat scotch all day, I think it would be easier to justify. I liked the green couch too, but it wasn’t quite comfy enough for all the TV time we consume.

I think I might just fit a little bit more browsing in this weekend – Woodstock is full of antique shops so I could spend a wonderful morning drifting around dreaming of the smell of mahogany and cobweb-covered wing-back chairs. My ultimate life goal is a chaise longue and Appel happen to have a majestic one in stock currently…


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