Happy in Hermanus

This weekend was a lovely one spent with friends in the pretty town of Hermanus. Guy and Damian both turned 30 recently so we decided to celebrate in style, and Claire found us a gorgeous Airbnb mansion to stay in with a Jacuzzi and amazing mountain views (hence the house’s name: Amazing Views Holiday Home). Tom and my car have both decided to give up on life so we hitched a ride with Claire and Guy and got to Hermanus on Friday afternoon – and being the the first to arrive we instantly nabbed the nicest rooms and cracked open the wine.


The others arrived a little bit later, and we wandered off to the Pear Tree for dinner. The food was delicious – I highly recommend the fish and chips, which comes with a light, crispy batter and tasty tartar. Following dinner, shots and plenty of selfies using Ian’s selfie-stick (we left our shame behind in Cape Town), we took a taxi home and hit the Jacuzzi, which was a life-threatening but deliciously warm 70 degrees (not Fahrenheit).

The next morning involved hangovers and a fry-up, with copious amounts of coffee, followed by a quick board game session with our new Settlers expansion pack (Guy’s birthday gift). We allowed breakfast to digest and then went for a wander up the contour path opposite the house. The clouds cleared and spots of sunshine emerged, reflecting through the pink petals of the proteas strewn across the hillside and mixed into the fragrant fynbos. I stopped the boys every five minutes to take photos of the flowers – there were tiny clusters of colour everywhere, making it an amateur snapper’s paradise.


Following our stroll, the pizza party began in full force under Damian and Ian’s careful supervision. Team dough-dough (hehe) fed us so well – the pizzas just kept coming and each one was incredible with ever more inventive toppings. I ate until I thought I couldn’t eat any more, but then TP’s beautiful apple pie emerged from the oven and miraculously I managed a slice (covered in custard and cream). I’m organising a baking lesson with Thomas Platt soon – I need to know his pastry secrets! Claire lit some candles on the cupcakes and Damian and Guy blew out their 60th candle (30+30=), and then we hopped back in the hot tub and it was all rather lovely.


On Sunday, we checked out and drove through to Stanford to Birkenhead Brewery for lunch.I wouldn’t mind staying in Stanford for longer next time – the lagoon is gorgeous and there are plenty of padstals to explore, not to mention the cheese farm. The guys had a beer tasting, TP and I played on the swings in the sun, and then, sadly, it was time to go home. It really was the most wonderful weekend – thanks for organising lovelies!




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