Bye bye appendix

I’ve been very quiet lately, mostly because I’ve been bed-bound, first with appendicitis and then with some seriously sniffly flu. I woke up on Tuesday, 14 June with a stabbing pain in my stomach. My parents rushed me to hospital and my appendix came out that eve, followed by two nights in hospital, which wasn’t at all fun. I was attached to a drip and didn’t eat for three days, but I could not have received better care. My anesthetist Neil Moodley was lovely and kind, and my surgeon Kurt Goldberg was rather…curt… but thorough and, as I discovered later, extremely funny.

The nurses at Constantiaberg are amazing. They laughed and joked with me while injecting me with painkillers every hour and they handled everything and everyone (including the swearing 92-year-old ouma in my ward) with phenomenal grace. Thank God for people like them.

I spent the week recovering at home, and then went back to work briefly before contracting flu – but the real, hardcore, spiking temperatures of 38.5 degrees, and severe body ache kind of flu. My poor Tom and my parents looked after me, and I spent another week in bed, reading profusely and watching Masterchef. I’m only just getting better now, but it’s been lovely getting out of the house – I’ve had severe cabin fever! I haven’t done anything exciting in ages, sans a quick visit to Obi two nights ago (it’s magical – you have to go!), but hopefully I’ll have some blog-worthy activities to write about soon. Thank you to my family, Tom and my friends for looking after me – it really is times like these when you realise just how lucky you are to have people who love you to look after you. xxx

Below are some of the pics I’ve painted recently – I’m particularly fond of the panda, obviously.



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