Weekend Wrap

I had a lot of fun over the weekend with my lovely family. Tom and I had a romantic date night at Spur on Friday, after my laid-back after-work drinks with Apero Afrique. Granted, Spur doesn’t sound like the most romantic setting, but we got this view, that amazing sauce, and free matching key rings, so it was a very successful evening in our books! imageSaturday was spent making brownies with Vix, with some guidance from my lovely housemate Jules (because somehow Vix and I managed to mess up a fool-proof, fail-proof recipe), followed by lunch at Constantia Uitsig, in celebration of Anna, Tom’s mom. The sweetcorn risotto I had was one of the best I’ve ever tasted, full of melting cambrieni, pickled daikon and baby radishes. We  went home, I made mushrooms on toast for supper, and then I watched The Little Prince and proceeded to cry for two hours. Watch it, but only if you’re feeling strong, and haven’t recently lost your grandpa, who called you his starshine and made you feel like his princess.

Sunday saw us at St Andrews, witnessing the christening of my cousin Ant’s little one, which was very cute and special. We went for a picnic at Kirstenbosch afterwards, and I made Dave and Tom pretend to be T-Rexes in the middle of the gardens, which was, quite possibly, the highlight of the weekend. We spent the evening with the wonderful Guy and Claire, eating Thai food and playing Settlers of Catan – I’d never played before and I won the first round, so you can imagine how smug I was. imageimageimage

Have a lovely week everyone! x



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