Selfi & Margot Molyneux

I’ve just moved house in order to spend less on rent. My initial intention was to be a good grown-up and invest the extra money in an RA account (I’m almost thirty now guys, one has to look ahead)… but then I saw the new Selfi and Margot Molyneux collections and now my new life aspiration is to own a Matisse-inspired dress and moss-green wrap-dress – who needs a retirement fund anyway right? (No one show this to Tom – I’ll be in trouble.)

I’ve loved both of these brands for a long time now – they’re all about making women feel beautiful, and I love how effortless the looks are; there’s a certain timelessness to all of the designs. They’re soft, feminine and expensive-looking yet affordable. Both brands also reflect a story – perhaps the Selfi line in particular, which is all about women taking ownership of their bodies and loving the way they look.

Here are a few of my favourites:

S E L F I: All about embracing one’s body, with strong influences from Matisse

12494739_982280175179127_8477536700165876316_n12465790_984491768291301_8321282773761226903_o - Copy12573161_983312975075847_3109255548639503289_n - Copy

MARGOT MOLYNEUX: Soft, feminine and beautiful; with a touch of strength and structure

yves_grande - Copy

print_keyhole_grande - Copy

wrap_moss_grande - Copymargot 1 - Copy

So, if you’re also looking to update your wardrobe instead of your retirement fund, show local some love and get your hands on some of these beauties!







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