Upcoming Exhibitions I’m Excited About

There are lots of creative happenings on the go in Cape Town at the moment, and, as CapeTownMagazine.com’s Event Manager, I get to write about most of them. Two specifically caught my eye this week – Kate Davies 365 Days of Infrared Photography Revisited and Sarah Pratt’s The Fox, The Owl & The Robber. 


Kate Davies Photography

I love Kate Davies’ photography – it’s whimsical and delicate, with an otherworldly quality that comes from her use of infrared filters and sensors. In photography, these filters only allow infrared light waves to pass through the camera, which creates milky skin, washed out or dark colours, glowing foliage and other fairytale effects. Her 365 day project involves one photo a day for a year, and I enjoy her sense of composition – she takes the viewer on a journey. Her exhibition is on at Side Street Studios from the 28th Jan until the 4th Feb, and I’m definitely going to make a plan to check it out.

Kate Davies Photography

The other exhibition I’m super excited about is Sarah Pratt’s latest solo show at Salon91. I loved Pratt’s Dog Days show, which featured her dearly departed hound Laptop, on his exploits in the afterlife. Pratt’s new body of work promises a similar quirky, imaginative quality as she explores a strange world inhabited by a selection of exotic animals, from a fox puppet to a puffin. It’s on from the 27th Jan until the 27th of Feb, at the pretty little Kloof Street Gallery, and there’s a walkabout with the artist on the 6th.

Paintings by Sarah Pratt

Paintings by Sarah Pratt

One of the things I love about Cape Town is that there’s always something creatively inspiring nearby. Both of these are firmly pencilled into my calendar, along with Open Streets Bree Street this weekend!


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