2016 Goal #1: Draw More


Having declared my resolution to draw more in 2016, my loving family and friends kindly equipped me with multiple sketchbooks and all the drawing tools I need to no longer have an excuse to be lazy! For Christmas, I received two colouring books, drawing pencils, Sharpies (swoon), fineliners, three sketchbooks, and some pencil crayons (granted, these I bought myself).

So I’ve started 2016 with ink, watercolours, and Sharpie-stained fingers, and I’ve never been happier. I chose to write because I didn’t want to be forced to draw, but now I realise just how much I’ve missed that world that painting transports me to. I love seeing the characters in my mind come to life on a page, and I’m excited to practice and hone my illustration skills.

Part of this includes illustrating a book in collaboration with my mum – it’s still a project in the works, but I think it’ll be a special experience for both of us.


For now, I plan to scribble whenever I find a moment to do so. Who knows what it may lead to – I’m just happy to be drawing again.


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