My desk makes me happy

I realise this is not the most scintillating post I’ve ever written, but my desk at home is looking so pretty, I decided I needed to share some pictures of it. Normally I’m a magnet for clutter the way a five year-old attracts glitter, but I’ve tried very hard to embrace a more minimalist look for my little flat, and my desk in particular.

image The desk is from At Home, and was a (very costly) impulse buy. I walked in, loved it, bought it – I’m not usually that spontaneous with thousand(s) of rand purchases, but this I had to have. It’s the loft desk in walnut and white and it’s the sort of clean, pretty thing that belongs to the future grown-up Sam I hope to be. The one who doesn’t mess glitter everywhere and has waved goodbye to her current hoarding tendencies and fervent desire for all things sparkly.

The light is from Woollies and was another impulse purchase using a voucher I received from my lovely aunt Sue. I think it’s a perfect match for the desk – the two go together like PB & J.


The heart is made from Nifty250 prints. I have a Nifty problem – I’m over the denial stage and can admit this now. Every few months, I have a printing splurge and end up with hundreds of pictures that no longer fit on my very limited wall space. I do, however, love this heart and I think the polaroids fit in well with the look I was going for.

Most of the other lovely things you see were presents from special people in my life. The blue frames were from my parents and feature family photos from our recent shoot with the extremely talented Monica Dart. The mouse and fox came from Tom’s folks and my parents, and the little ceramic boat was a gift from friends a few years ago.


The Flick Inc vase is from my Genni friend, and the print is something I bought myself from the exquisite Dayfeels collection. The owl vase (which I converted into a succulent pot) was from the wonderful Tammy, while my Vix gave me the sweet powder blue bowl and two crystals – one for the heart and the other to ward off negativity.

And that’s about it really, aside from the drawers that are jam-packed with paints, pencils, glitter glue and ribbons (yes, there’s still clutter but it’s carefully concealed). I admittedly don’t actually work at this desk all too often (I prefer to work in bed with tea), but I gaze at it frequently with happiness, which I think makes it a very worthwhile purchase.



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