Sunset on Table Mountain

My birthday was so special yesterday – everyone was so kind and I got lots of lovely messages and calls which made me feel very loved. Tom and I went up Table Mountain to watch the sunset and it was the most perfect, romantic evening – one I won’t forget.


I got a free trip up and down the cable car, and Tom only had to pay half the normal rate because of the sunset special, which is running until February 2016. The ride up is so exciting – the floor rotates, so we had a 360 degree view as we whizzed up the steep side of the Table. At the top we wandered along the path until we found some rocks overlooking a deep crevice and the sea.

We sat and drank Champagne as we watched the sky shift to an irradiant gold, and the misty mountains turn hazy purple in the distance. The hypnotic orange of the sky was a stark contrast against the grey of the sea, and all around, the light illuminated everything it touched, giving a pink glow to our surrounds.


I felt so peaceful, and lucky to be sitting in one of the most beautiful places in the world with someone I adore.  Living here is a privilege – I’ve travelled a lot, but I can’t remember many views matching this one.


What a wonderful thing it is to be alive. Thank you to this man for making my birthday magical.


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