Lunch at Nitida

My lovely Lorzi is getting married (yay!) so we went venue scouting last Saturday and had lunch at Nitida. Tom and I arrived a bit before Lorz and Emlyn so we decided to go wine tasting at 11am (excellent life decision). We each tasted four wines and swapped our glasses so we tried eight in total – the Wild Child was definitely our favourite, although I still think that wines all taste the same in general. We also had a little meander through the farm, alongside the vineyards, which are lined with sweet smelling roses and overlook patchwork hills receding to the horizon.

Nitida Wine Farm

Lunch at Cassia Restaurant was a bit pricey but delicious – I had scrumptious gnocchi with a yellow pepper sauce and Tom tucked into the pork belly which tasted as good as it looked (I obviously made him give me a bite of it). The decor is chic and sophisticated and overlooks the pond (or is it a damn – we had a long debate about this), and tiny sunbirds flit between the fynbos surrounding the restaurant’s expansive windows.

Nitida Wine Farm

It was a wonderful day, made all the more special because we got to share in the joy of two of our favourite people. I’m looking forward to plenty more  scouting in the coming weekends!



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