Cupcakes at Lindt

On Friday, following a spontaneous helicopter trip and bubbles, the day only got better with a special cupcake making class at Lindt with my mumsymoo. I had booked the class for her birthday and was really excited to learn some new baking and icing skills. I have to confess I am not a natural baker. In fact, I don’t really enjoy it that much as it requires measuring, precision and a lack of imagination. I’d rather cook – most of the time I chuck things in a pan and it works out pretty well – when I bake, this method is not appropriate and has resulted in cake biscuits and garishly green sponges. These days, when I offer to bake for my friends, the overwhelming response is ‘please don’t,’ – rather hurtful but I understand where they’re coming from. Hence, Lindt was my moment to turn things around and become a cupcake baker extraordinaire.

We arrived at the class and joined the ranks of other mothers and daughters looking to bond over patisserie. We were each assigned a cupcake to make, and, after watching a demonstration on making the perfect icing, we set to work on our little lemon cakes. Mum and I had to crumb the mix of flour, lemon zest and butter and then add eggs and milk before stirring everything to a smooth consistency and piping it into the pretty paper moulds. Mum managed to get cupcake mix all over me, so by the time we finished I resembled a gooey cupcakey mess (but a happy one because we had so much fun). We also got a chance to ice our cupcakes – ours had a lemon curd centre and was topped with Italian meringue icing that we singed with a blowtorch. We were rather excited about the blowtorch part, but after setting the cupcakes alight no less than three times, the real chef confiscated our weapon and wouldn’t give it back for some reason. Class finished and we each got a box of four different cupcakes to take home, which Tom and I have been living off ever since. I also received the recipes for all the cupcakes we made so I might give them a go one of these days… or just hand the recipe over to Tom and look sad and see if he’ll make them for me.

cupcakes at Lindtimage


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