Today I miss


Sitting on my gran’s knee listening to stories

Climbing trees

The smell of the vlei after the rain

Licking the bowl clean of cake mixture

Being called starshine

Watching the fireworks from my aunt’s bedroom window

Running through the passageway and jumping on my grandparent’s bed

Tree frogs on the windowsill

Crinkly smiles and kind eyes

Milking the cows and eating eggs and soldiers

Finding snake skins draped over the Morning Glory like tinsel

Dried grasses and flame lilies

Singing Christmas carols and playing in the name of the adverb

Sitting on gran’s knee and driving up the airstrip

Lying on the swinging chair by the bougainvillea

Curlers, beads and pretty glass bottles

Eating sausage and chips by the fireplace

Watching the weavers build their nests

Soaring through the farm on my grandpa’s motorbike with his protective arms holding me safe

Being gramps’ nugglebug

Doing somersaults on the trampoline

Sliding on my belly through the mud

Tracing patterns on the teacups in the pantry

Drawing umbrella trees with my dad

Playing with the popping flowers and ant-lions with my brother

Bedtime stories with my mum

Licking sticky litchi juice off my hands

Water scorpions in the pool

Fat frogs eating flies

Losing the littlest elephant

Crunching seedpods in the driveway

The sweet flesh of home-grown strawberries

Tea and golf in the garden

The runaway princess


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