Beautiful Stationery Because Stationery

I’m not ashamed to admit I’m a stationery fiend. Some people get their kicks from pretty clothing stores – I get mine from the smell of paint and the super pointy nibs of new pencils (shivers with excitement). The Deckle Edge is like my mecca – I want all the paper, water colour paints, pens and prettiness. I went the other day and ended up with a brown paper bag filled with patterned papers and a gorgeous new fine-liner – I would have continued my spending binge but the shop was shutting, much to my bank account’s relief. Aside from stationery, I’m also going on a bit of a print hunt at the moment – granted, I don’t actually have any wall space left, but there’s no harm in looking. Here are a few of my favourite finds.

These beauties by Amor Coetzee – Dayfeels

Dayfeels by Amore Coetzee

(I own this one – it’s called Dissolving Sighs and I absolutely adore it.)

Dayfeels by Amore Coetzee

This one’s called Breathing Under Water – another of my favourites.

The Wild Lines Series by Maria Magdalena Atelier

Maria Magdalena Atelie

Maria Magdalena Atelie

I’m obsessed with both of these – man, I wish I had this lovely lady’s affinity for lines – just beautiful.

Dog Days by Sarah Pratt

This exhibition was on at Salon 91, and struck quite a chord with me because I had just lost my precious bouvier Ruff, and I loved Sarah’s imaginative and gorgeous dog escapades in the after life.

Sarah Pratt

Everything by Seven Swans

Specialising in wedding stationary, but also the producers of gorgeous prints, this team of stationers make lovely things and designed my friend Gen’s stunning invites.


Wonder Meyer Illustration

I love the delicacy and other-worldliness of her work.

Wonder Meyer

Emily McDowell

Because she get’s it.

Emily McDowell Illustration

Emily McDowell Illustration

Emily McDowell Illustration

I think I’m going to have to clear some wall space!


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