The Stellenbosch Octoberfest

Tom and I enjoyed a sunny drive to Stellies over the weekend, for a delicious lunch at Fairview followed by the craft beer fest at Jan Marais Nature Reserve. The student town is one of my favourite out-of-the-city retreats, and Fairview is generally the spot I nag Tom to take us to. We popped into the Goatshed Restaurant for a cheese platter, with farm-fresh cheeses accompanied by crispy bread (still warm from the oven) and a bottle of the estate’s Goats Do Roam vino.

Stellenbosch Octoberfest

It was the loveliest summer day, and we had a perfect afternoon snacking on our cheeses, before wandering past the resident goats (after whom the Goatshed Restaurant takes its name), back to the car and on to the beerfest.

Set in the picturesque setting of the reserve, the fest boasted a selection of regional micro-brewers along with various food trucks offering everything from boerie rolls to fragrant curries. We joined some friends for a picnic under the 200 year-old trees and I sampled a couple of Windermere ciders in quick succession, whilst Tom tried a Stickman lager. A band played in the background, and we spent a pleasant few hours relaxing and chatting under the dappled shade of the pines. As dusk fell, the colours on the surrounding mountains were beautiful – possibly also enhanced by the number of Rooibos Ciders I had inside me.

Stellenbosch Octoberfest



Stellenbosch Octoberfest


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