Fairies and Flower Crowns

For my beautiful friend Gen’s hen party, we decided to be fairies and make flower crowns. We found a tutorial on Pinterest (obviously), and it worked out really well.


All you need is:

  • Thin green wire
  • Green tape from the nursery
  • Lots of flowers and greenery
  • Pliers and/ or scissors

Start by bending the wire into a circle – we did a double loop to make it a bit stronger. Check the circle fits your head before you cut the wire and secure the ends together.

Next, wrap tape tightly around the two loops to join them together. Pinch the tape to get it to stick. Wrap the entire circle in tape.

Select some flowers and leafy greenery and start attaching them to the wire using the tape. Wrap the tape around the stem to secure it to the wire then pinch the tape to get it to stick.

Repeat with as many flowers as you want – I advise you start with the greenery as it’s a great filler.

Hold up your crown and admire your handiwork, tuck in any wayward stems, then place the crown on your head and frolic in the fields like a Jane Austen heroine/ Tolkein-esque elf.




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