Painting pandas at Clay Cafe

The Clay Cafe

Yesterday, I said hi to my seven year-old self as I popped over to one of my favourite childhood haunts, the Clay Cafe in Hout Bay. Man, I used to love going to paint pottery when I was small – I would beg my mum (OK, I still do), to come and decorate fairies and piggie banks with me all the time. I successfully coerced Lorzi, Mich and Bethi into painting pretty things with me, so we spent the best afternoon happily munching cake, drinking cappuccinos and drawing foxes, pandas and hearts on all the mugs and plates we could get our paws on.

The Clay Cafe

Suffice to say it was one of the happiest times I’ve had in ages, and I will most likely be back very soon (I might even attempt the jumping castle next time, in addition to painting more delightful gifts for loved ones. Tom was just thrilled by the idea of a collection of home-made panda ceramics). It’s expanded a lot since I was a wee one and it’s still a haven for kids so if you’re after peace and quiet, this is probably not the place. It has the most wonderful atmosphere, and it’s tucked away up at the top of a dirt road next to a field, with lovely views of the mountains, so it’s a great retreat from the big city.

The Clay Cafe

I’ve decided being an adult is over-rated (I’ve been convinced of this for a while, and my recent rent increase just confirmed it), so it was just so lovely to escape into a world of paints, pottery and happy memories, not to mention having a whole afternoon with some of my favourite people. The process is simple – pick the pottery piece you want to paint, select your three paint colours (the paint and glazing is an additional R35 on the price of your chosen ceramic), and go crazy – the more stickers, dots, colours and crafts you use, the better I say.

The Clay CafeThe Clay Cafe

Bethi painted a ‘What would Buffy do?’ mug, Michmoo painted a fox (which I want to steal), Lorzi decorated a sweet little teabag plate, and I made a panda platter, because what else? We were all rather chuffed with our efforts, and I’ll post a pic of what they look like after they’ve been fired when we collect them in 10 day’s time. The older I get, the more I’m convinced that it’s the simple things in life that cause the most joy, and that’s what yesterday was all about. x


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