A beautiful lunch at Cape Point Vineyards


This is, undoubtedly, a favourite spot of mine in Cape Town, not least of all because one of my beautiful best friends, Kim, got married there almost exactly one year ago to date. It was the most gorgeous wedding – Kimmi looked absolutely stunning and the venue was faultless – picture endless blue skies reflected in the still waters of a dam, framed by vineyards and the periwinkle blue of the sea.


My family also loves going there – there’s a community market now running on a Sunday, which we really enjoy as it boasts an array of sensational food stalls, complemented by a relaxed picnic ambiance and picturesque surrounds. The restaurant is also a delight – we had a family lunch there last weekend and were utterly spoilt by sublime food, crisp white wines and free coffees – yes please! We sat on the veranda and soaked up the sunshine like lizards until it disappeared behind the clouds. Two little girls with purple balloons kept running across the lawn below, and everywhere, picnickers sprawled on handy cushions with old-fashioned wicker baskets in tow.


I am a creature of habit so I invariably end up ordering the same thing time and again if I find something I really like on the menu. The mushroom stuffed ravioli with a delicate cheesy, truffle sauce is one such thing. Oozy, creamy and topped in parmesan and drizzled in truffle oil, it’s actually just too good. However, I have to say I was quite tempted by the Norwegian salmon on a bed of sweet potato mash, and my dad’s steak  with mushroom and truffle sauce and thin, crispy pomme frits looked pretty tasty as well.


We splashed out and got dessert. One decadent chocolate fondant later and I could hardly move I was so full! Oh so rich and oh so naughty, it had the perfect liquid centre and a little bit of strawberry and ice-cream for balance. I ended off the meal with a cappuccino and the firm resolution to start a diet the next day (don’t worry, said good intentions didn’t last long!).


Make sure you book ahead because the restaurant gets rather full. If you are in the mood for something less formal then opt for a picnic or head to the buzzy Sunday community market.



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