Bacon, Bacon and More Bacon on Bree


Oh bacon, such a tasty treat. You are my favourite meat to eat.

Veggie friends please don’t read this! I popped into Richard Bosman’s new Bacon Bar on Bree and almost shed a tear of pure joy when the smell of bacon and melted butter engulfed me and wafted me through the door. The restaurant has just opened so it still has a kind of new-car sensation of possibility and sparseness. It’s decorated cleanly and simply with beautiful wood finishes, pot plants, bold photographs and a printed out quote in the corner that reads: Bacon, because crack is bad for you. That says it all really.

imageRichard Bosmans Bacon Bar on Bree

The whole place is an ode to the art of bacon-making – it’s all about the crispy streaks of crunchy goodness, with no other meats or superfluous menu items to distract one from the main attraction. Richard Bosman is extremely particular about the quality of the meat and he sources the best possible bacon from pigs pasture reared on a Piketberg farm.

Richard Bosmans Bacon Bar on Breeimage

At first, I’m a bit taken aback by the simplicity of the menu – a BLT doesn’t seem particularly original. Neither does the sandwich I eventually end up ordering: the Smokey Joe which is a bacon and cheese toastie dusted in smoked paprika. It doesn’t sound that exciting but I venture to give it a go. When it arrives the bread is crisp and golden and it smells like butter and bacon grease, with the pungent aroma of paprika. It still doesn’t look that special but then I take the first bite. I’ve never had bacon like that before. Crispy, salty, crunchy, and delicious – it elevates a simple sandwich to a whole different level. I go into a kind of bacon-induced coma for a while and all the stresses of the day seem to float away. Oh my bacon. It’s just so good.

Richard Bosmans Bacon Bar on Bree

Once the Culture Club Cheese Shop opens next door, I’m in big trouble. Being so near Bree Street has not been good for my waistline thus far, and I anticipate it’s about to get worse. I’ve found a gym above Jason Bakery so I can work out before/after my morning croissant. I see no contradiction in the latter statement at all. Richard Bosman has taken a calculated risk in opening such a niche eatery, but it’s one I think will definitely pay off. Quaint and simple, with a focus on bacon; what more could anyone ask for in a Cape Town cafe? If anyone visits, please bring me home the bacon.


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