Orchard on Long

Orchard on Long Street

I have only been working in Long Street for a month, but already I consider myself quite the connoisseur when it comes to cafes and cuisine. I’ve become a regular at two places so far, with guest appearances at Plant; Jason Bakery (that cheese and bacon croissant is the kryptonite to my feeble will power) and Orchard on Long.

Orchard on Long Street

I adore Orchard on Long because it’s beautiful, trendy, tasty and… wait for it… healthy! I have to counteract the croissants somehow, and a juice super-charged with vitamins and all those good things is an ideal way to console my guilty conscience.  The food is pretty tasty as well – it’s not an extensive menu, but it’s a good one, with things like vegan wraps and quinoa salads. I always opt for the Orchard wrap which is choc-full of lentils, kidney beans, feta, rocket and other delicious, nutritious titbits. Add to that my fine lady juice (pineapple, orange, naartjie, lemon, apple, turmeric, zinc) and I’m one happy chappie.

Orchard on Long Street

I love the beams that look like trees, and the green and white colour palette, coupled with shelves of fresh pineapples and other fruit. The whole place has a refreshing, young feel, which is instantly energising. The staff are really friendly and the pretty hanging baskets outside give it an inviting exterior. I’ll be back for my usual next week!

Orchard on Long Street


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