Baby, it’s cold outside


It’s freezing, I have the snuffles, cold toes and a very unimpressed attitude towards winter so far. Granted, I am currently cuddled up on the couch under blankets with a happy boy next to me playing video games, which does make it mildly better, but I’m still feeling sorry for myself. I decided to take to Pinterest to try to get more excited about frosty weather and having a bright red Rudolph nose. I am rather happy to be wearing chunky knits, boots and blankies again! The little ridgie pictured below isn’t as cute as my baby, but he’ll have to do until I can get a pic of my Shumba in cuddle mode. Puppies are just the best snugglers.

9d9eebf5f1755ff9a965a84002604800Rhodesian Ridgeback - 8 week old pup eee6db43e7175280f05dc91df38307c0 130375837e6f6ba31fe0ec6dc52337c3afde6a7d3388bdeb4dd2f8d2f071de67d0d99a34dad1150277cab9e2326f44f4247b843cf4d3f67cbe0f7fcb1c630f84365d3c4ee8babd8457364f2fcf258747848ad274d207231347cfbe327b59a81094ed0153748d4b64039680b293b00540e6965dea3db75abf586b9f4dfd018226a03772b9b0ea05ff811631847b4ce9dd

Keep warm lovely people, and drink lots of hot chocolate with mini marshmallows xxx

All pics from Pinterest


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