Taste of Cape Town

Taste of Cape Town

The boys and I decided to pop into Taste of Cape Town to see what the buzz is all about. I got us comp tickets (connections yo), so we breezed in for free and headed to the first stall we could see with samples on offer. I’m glad we didn’t have to pay entrance fees because if we’d had to buy crown coupons (the currency that replaces cash) for 100 bucks on top of that, I wouldn’t have been a happy bunny.

Myriad tents extended over the field boasting an array of foodie delights, from well-known restaurants punting their wares, to artisan cheese, sausage, and bread boutiques. Tom tucked into some droewors while I eyed the wines, and Steve wasted no time in finding the hottest looking hot sauce he could identify from an initial inspection. Shame, the poor lady offered him samples of the milder stuff and he waved it away in favour of real fire. She dug out a cute little bottle a fierce red in colour and claimed that its fiery contents had been stewing for five years. She warned Steve profusely before handing him a liberal amount on a cracker, which he proceeded to eat with nary a flinch, much to her obvious indignation. She didn’t know that in his past life Steve was an Indian warrior that used to guzzle chillies and rub them into his eyes for fun.

Taste of Cape Town

We got a bit overwhelmed by all the offerings so we did a speculative loop to get our bearings. On said loop, my boy found Beerhouse and very happily ordered a Belgian beer, while I invested in a wine glass and hit the samples hard. Steve found a chorizo burger from Chalk and Cork which made me drool a little bit with food envy and then we headed for the Caprice cocktail garden to chill with the cool crowd. Sun loungers, G&T frozen lollies, a bearded DJ, flowers, and boys in boaters awaited us. Tom compared the vibe to the Hamptons, but I was quite happy to suck my G&T and take five for a while.

Following that, tipsy Sam unwisely decided to have a double caramel vodka shot (why?) and the boys decided to feed me paneer veggie curry to sober me up. I want to learn how to make that magical stuff – cheese in curry sauce – what could be better? It’s next on my recipe list.

Taste of Cape Town

We then exited Taste of Cape Town and Steve went to get a Big Mac because the free samples were so scarce and the portions so small that he was still hungry. Moral of this post – Taste of CT is lovely if you’re not particularly hungry and want to dabble in a few overly-priced exotic gourmet goods. If you’re going with two starving boys who haven’t eaten all day, however, you’re going to be heading to McDonalds afterwards.


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