30 years! My parents are awesome

30th anniversaryIt was my parent’s 30th anniversary on the 6th April, and it makes me warm and fuzzy inside. I constantly remember how wonderfully blessed I am to have parents who are as happy and in love now as when they first said I do.

My parents are wise, considerate, gentle, funny and kind. They’re consistently good to each other, and they take great pleasure in being in each other’s company. They’re the best of friends, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen them properly fight in the 26 years I’ve been around. Sometimes I’m a bit jealous – it seems to come so naturally to them – they’re so close to each other that they really are one entity, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t give each other room to grow and explore their own paths. They build each other up and they’re the best versions of themselves when they’re together. They have a relationship I envy. One I hope to emulate.

The story of how they met is a fairytale in itself. My mum has survived three different types of cancer. The first one, Hodgkins Lymphoma, was when she was 24. She should be telling this story, it’s her story to tell, but I’ll give you my version of it anyway. She had a dream when she was sick that she’d be sitting on a beach and a handsome man would walk up to her and he would be her husband. Later, when she was in remission, she was at a party one night, sitting feeling sad on the beach, when a man walked up to her and smiled. He was, of course, my dad. They got engaged in a week. My mum says they just knew it was right, and it was.

30 years later and they’ve had the most incredible adventures together. They lived in the desert for four years, they had Dave and me, they built us a beautiful home and took us travelling around the world, they supported each other through my mum’s other two cancers, they created an NGO to build schools in townships and train teachers, they cared for my grandparents; this list could be endless. All I know is that I’m lucky. Incredibly lucky to have two amazing people as my parents, and as role models of what the best kind of marriage looks like. Happy 30th you two love-birds; thank you, and I love you both. xxx

30th anniversary


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