Almost time for egg hunting and Easter bunting

Easter ideas DIY

I just realised that it’s almost Easter time. My colleagues laughed at me today because I forgot that Friday and Monday are public holidays – evidently, I’m going to be the only nerd that arrives at the office over the long weekend!

Since I was little my mum’s been in cahoots with the Easter bunny, devising ever more elaborate hunts over the years. There have been quite significant moments – one year our beautiful basset Wiggles used her superdog nose to snuffle out all the chocolate goodies my parents had hidden and ate the lot. We came upstairs to find our rather well-rounded and smug looking puppy resting contentedly on a pile of chocolate smeared tinfoil, not looking in the least bit guilty. We phoned the vet in a panic, but Wigs was absolutely fine, and my mum learnt that bassets have surprisingly long reach and endless determination where tasty treats are concerned.

Last year my family was away so my lovely Tom did a special hunt for me. He individually unwrapped Lindt chocolate balls and re-wrapped them after putting a letter in each one, which together spelled out where my giant egg was hidden. He hid them around the kitchen and they formed the word ‘TRUNK’ which confused me immensely because I assumed he was referring to a tree or a chest. Turns out he meant the car boot, which I eventually figured out with some prompting. We went to the car, opened the boot and there was the most beautiful, most enormous Lindt bunny I’ve ever seen. It was literally bigger than my head. I think I almost swooned and then felt terribly embarrassed over the mini egg I’d given him – I may have to up my game this year. Man, I picked a good one when I found Tom, and not just because he knows Lindt bunnies are the way to my heart.

If I was more crafty and had a little bit of time, I’d love to try some of the sweet DIY Easter tutorials I’ve been seeing on Pinterest. One day, I’d like to throw a garden party with daffodils growing out of naturally dyed eggs, cute little bunny-shaped cookies, vintage place-cards and individual mini baskets filled with tiny speckled eggs. Thanks Pinterest for all these lovely Easter ideas (and for making me feel like a totally inadequate human being).

Easter ideas DIY Easter ideas DIYEaster ideas DIYEaster ideas DIYEaster ideas DIYEaster ideas DIY

Don’t you adore the vintage Easter greetings? I’m such a sucker for anything old and I’ve been collecting postcards like this since I was five. What have you got planned for the Easter bunny? Are you doing anything special this year? At the end of the day, for me it’s always been about far more than chocolate eggs.


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