Oh Jason Bakery, what have you done to me

jason bakery bree street

I just started working for Cape Town Magazine as the events manager and content writer and I’m loving it, not just due to the fact that the people are awesome, but also because I get to write about all the wacky, weird and creatively inspiring goings-on in my city. Another win is that I now work in Long Street which is a quick five minute stroll from home. I’ve become a total city girl and I’m having the best time exploring the influx of coffee shops and cafes dotted around the office.

On Friday, I decided to treat myself and visit the one and only Jason Bakery; a place many people have raved about and I’ve always wanted to try. I wandered up Bree Street to the iconic red brick building, paused for a moment to read the enticing take-away menu, and ordered a coronation chicken sandwich on rye. And I may or may not have succumbed to a particularly delicious chocolate brownie. Evidently the perfect balance of crunch and goo, with squishy white chocolate blobs dotted throughout – it takes more will power than I possess to resist something that looks that good!

image image

I sat in the sunshine, watched hipsters drifting past, leisurely eaves-dropped on a couple of conversations, and pondered on how I could be experiencing a moment of pure, elusive happiness. Then my sandwich arrived, beautifully wrapped in custom-designed paper and sealed with a sticker, accompanied by my brownie in an old-school brown paper bag.  Feeling rather smug and content with the world, I headed back to the office, unwrapped my parcels, enjoyed some envious glances from my colleagues and tucked into one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever eaten.

I do not take the art of the sandwich lightly, so the statement above is weightily considered. The rye bread was just so fresh, the chutney and the chicken so tasty, and the green of the watercress so delicate: I reached sandwich nirvana. I did manage to get a pic of said sandwich, but unfortunately the brownie disappeared too fast. I have no idea where it went; one minute it was there and then it wasn’t. I’ll just have to do the noble thing and get another one so I can post a photo next time.

Jason Bakery is not cheap. It’s artisan, hipster fare at its best so while it’s a foodie’s delight, it’s not really a practical daily lunch option. My tactic is to persuade Tom, family and friends to come to lunch with me often so I have an excuse to be fancy. If you do plan to drop in, try to go early because it does get rather frenetic at 12. Rumour has it they also do great coffee and croissants so breakfast dates are also on the cards.


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