Lilies and Loofahs at Ginger Lily Spa

Ginger Lily SpaI’m lying on my back on a beautiful sheet of muslin with a lovely lady scrubbing every inch of me with a bristly loofah. It tickles a little – it’s scratchy, but it’s relaxing; I’m shedding my skin like a crumpled caterpillar nestled in a comfortable cocoon that smells like aromatherapy oils. I’ve been threatening to get a massage for a while, and today, I decided it was time.

I carry all my tension in my shoulders and my left shoulder went into a painful spasm in my yoga class the other day so I wanted to knead out some of the pesky knots, while also enjoying some much-needed pampering. I read an article about a 118 year-old woman who claimed that the secret to her longevity was not sweating the small stuff and living a stress-free life. It struck home. I’m naturally very anxious and I don’t let things go easily. I’m a Le Creuset kettle whistling shrilly on the stove top. But no more! My massage was the first step in doing some serious looking after of self. Yoga, carrot juice (not really – can’t stand the stuff) and meditation, here I come! I shall be a Zen master of inner peace and poise; a goddess of the downward dog. Hmmmm, I’ll probably be over it in a week, but it’s all about the good intentions right?

Ginger Lily Spa

Ginger Lily Spa in Constantia (or maybe Plumstead, my geography is failing me again) is a veritable oasis of Zen. If I ever become a lady of leisure, it’s the sort of place I would frequent often, getting my nails done and then popping next door to High Tea for mouthfuls of scrumptious cheesecake.

The spa is elegant, quiet and restful. Fountains tinkle in the background and orchids bring a touch a elegance. The staff are friendly and welcoming, and there’s a charming courtyard at the back, shaded by trees. Alexis greets me and takes me to a small room where music plays softly in the background. I’ve opted for the March special offer which is a 60 minute full body massage with a complementary body scrub. This brings us back to the beginning of this post with my body being vigorously attacked (but in a good way) by a loofah. Following the dry scrub, the massage began and I was in absolute heaven.

Ginger Lily Spa

Alexis’s strong fingers kneaded out knots I wasn’t even aware I had and I felt the tension tangibly flow out of my body. My back and shoulders felt looser and my skin felt impossibly soft, covered in a fine sheen of oils. Sixty minutes whizzed by and I couldn’t really believe it when the session ended. I kind of drifted out of the spa, in a haze of happiness, half asleep and feeling more rested than I’ve felt in weeks. I may even have to make this a (fairly) regular thing in the future – yes, it’s not cheap, but I really do think it has phenomenal benefits, especially for those of us that have over-active minds that never stop turning.

Ginger Lily Spa
Me in a glow of post-massage happiness

Ginger Lily generally has some pretty good specials, so be sure to check their website frequently to keep up-to-date. My 60 minute massage was R420, with a complementary full body exfoliation valued at R120 for free! I would go back in a heart beat – my back feels better than ever and I have found inner peace (I feel like Bridget Jones, but it’s true).


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