Dancing leaves and a birthday Tom


Yet again, there are a few unforeseen changes going on in my life right now, which although unsettling, are both positive and necessary. Over the last two years it seems that things have been in a constant state of flux, but there does seem to be some overriding plan guiding the course of my life I’m not aware of – like someone’s putting the puzzle pieces together; albeit slowly and in a rather unfathomable way.

I keep getting flashbacks to sitting with my gran, when her Alzheimers had already started to creep in, and watching the leaves rustle in the wind. She laughed delightedly and told me in her soft¬†storyteller’s voice that they were dancing just for us. I think they were. The point is, life doesn’t stay still. It rustles, sways, cracks and whispers. I’m just trying to flow with it, with grace, acceptance and gratitude.


One of the best changes in my life was Tom. It’s his birthday today, and I’m so excited to celebrate with him later. He’s just the best and my life has been infinitely sweeter, happier, funnier and more beautiful since he entered it. So today and every day, I’m grateful for my person. Happy birthday my Tom.

As to the rest, we’ll see how it unfolds. x


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