I just bought a desk

Yay banner by Zana Products
This Yay banner by Zana Products would look lovely in my new ‘office’ too.


Gees, I’m becoming more and more like a real grown-up! I think Tom’s proud of me – I told him I bought a desk and I got a condescending head pat; his way of saying ‘well done little one.’ I found this beaut at @Home and I’m pretty happy with it. Granted it was a little pricey, but that’s what credit cards are for right? Just kidding! (Well sort of.) Now to find a chair… and a laptop.


Office desk from @Home
It’s walnut and white. Pretty, right?

I know I should be focusing on practical things like robust office chairs but that’s just so boring. In my mind I’m already in the accessories phase. Starting with the scatter cushions for said chair I don’t have yet. Obviously.

Country Road cushionBob-Cushion-9340243172494


I’m completely in love with these flipping gorgeous cushions from Country Road. I want both of them. So badly. I’m also thinking of doing a collage wall of weird and wonderful pictures and quotes, and getting a few plants to dot around (most likely cacti as I can’t keep any other variations alive).

Here are some of the inspirational pics I’ve found with kind of the aesthetic I’m aiming for (these are all off Pinterest):

Office inspiration Office inspiration Office inspiration Office inspiration Office inspiration


Pretty, right? I’m going to try to keep with a white, minimalist theme with pops of colour – although I always say that and it never quite works out. I attract clutter like a magpie attracts shiny objects. But I shall keep persevering anyway.  Yay, can’t wait for my desk to arrive so decorating can begin! If anyone has any other nifty desk decorating ideas or practical advice on what laptop to get, it would be much appreciated!.

Images from: blog.jelaniedhop.com. emmalucywatson.tumblr.com. blog.bettinaholst.dk and gardenista.com


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