Caution: Wet Paint

Michael Chandler Wet Paint Art ExhibitionI really liked this initiative by Chandler House – it’s fun, creative and a wonderful demonstration of the motivation a tight deadline can inspire! Essentially Michael Chandler approached eight Cape Town artists to pick up a blank canvas in the morning and return it later; painted and ready to sell, despite the wet paint!

The idea was inspired by Mozart’s Opera, Don Giovanni, which the young genius supposedly composed on the morning of the day it was shown for the first time. Artists approached by Chandler included Michael Taylor, Georgina Gratrix, Lucie de Moyencourt, Mia Chaplin, Patricia Fraser, Ludwich Olivier, Kate Arthur and Niklas Wittenberg. The results of the challenge are quite startlingly beautiful, proving Rome wasn’t built in a day but perhaps some paintings can be.

All the works were started, finished and exhibited in time for yesterday’s First Thursdays event. Here are some of my favourites:

Michael Chandler Wet Paint Art ExhibitionKate Arthur’s ‘The Swimmer’ was the one I wish I could have taken home (unfortunately it’s already been sold). Elegant and simple, I love the lines, composition and story behind this piece. I want to be the girl in the water, floating effortlessly with ripples all around. Michael Chandler Wet Paint Art ExhibitionAnother favourite was ‘Deyrolle Birds’ by Lucie de Moyencourt – bright evocative colours, hasty brushstrokes and plenty of movement.

Michael Chandler Wet Paint Art ExhibitionI love the colours in Patricia Fraser’s painting of ‘The Courtyard’. It looks like somewhere I’d like to sit for a morning with a croissant and Barbara Kingsolver novel. Michael Chandler Wet Paint Art ExhibitionLastly, the ‘Hungover Rainbow’ by Georgina Gratrix; because rainbows can have big nights out too.


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