Museum Night in Cape Town

Cape Town museum night

The Mother City’s first Museum Night will be held on the 26th of Feb courtesy of the lovely people who also organise First Thursdays (perfect for art lovers). This one’s a must for culture nerds, history buffs  and fans of T-Rex tiny arms jokes. It takes place after-hours and entrance to all the museums is FREE – yep you read that correctly.

Take a stroll through the beautiful Company Gardens keeping a look-out for opportunistic ninja squirrels and overly-fat pigeons that will dive-bomb you if you have peanuts in your pockets (I’m not sure why you would but you might). Journey through time through the dusty hallowed halls of the Iziko South African Museum watched by the hollow stares of stuffed animals and artifacts of old.

From there pop across to the National Gallery to admire permanent and temporary exhibitions showcasing the best of local and international art. From Irma Stern to Jane Alexander’s chilling Butcher Boys, there is art for every appreciative amateur and aficionado.

South African art
The Butcher Boys by Jane Alexander courtesy of Art Throb

Trace the crepuscular rays of the ghosts of dead stars at the Planetarium and get lost in other galaxies; appreciate the vastness of the universe and the tiny insignificance of humankind.

Make sure you pay a visit to other participating museums, which include the South African Jewish Museum, Iziko Slave Lodge, and Iziko Old Town House. Most of these are a short walk away, allowing you to enjoy the creative energy and bustle of Cape Town at night.

More information will be released soon, but for now keep the date free, dust off your tweed jacket and get ready to get your nerd on.


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